How can I Avoid a Car Accident on Halloween Night?

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Halloween is a fun holiday that includes treats, haunted houses, and parties. For children, it is a remarkably exciting night, not just because they are getting candy from homes around the neighborhood, but because they can show off their costumes with friends. Parents look forward to the night too, with neighborhood Halloween and treat-or-treat events for their children. However, Halloween is also a dangerous night for drivers and children.

According to a study in the Journal of Pediatrics published by the American Medical Association, pedestrian deaths increase over 40 percent on Halloween, with children and young adults being particularly at risk. Halloween is one of the most dangerous nights of the year.

To ensure your safety on Halloween night, there are a few important precautions you can take. Listed below are ways you can have a safe Halloween night.

Do Not Drink and Drive

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 42 percent of Halloween car accidents involve a drunk driver. Avoid alcohol, especially if you plan on driving. If your children are being transported from neighborhood to neighborhood by car, it is important to avoid consuming alcohol at the Halloween party.

Alcohol leads to slower reaction times in people, and drivers need to respond quickly to changes in the road and emergencies. Also, it is much easier and safer for a parent to keep track of their children if they are sober.

Keep Your Focus on the Road

Parents know there is likely going to be a lot of chatter in the car and young passengers demanding their attention. There may be text message chains and phone calls from other parents hoping to coordinate drop-off and pick-up times. All of this can be done when the car is safely parked.

You should always avoid distracted driving, especially on Halloween. There will be plenty of children running around, and many of them will already be on a sugar rush. Children often do not pay attention to the road. On Halloween, they are focused on being out late with their friends and the candy they are collecting. They might quickly dart out in front of unsuspecting drivers.

With children, Halloween costumes, decorations, and other distractions, Halloween night can be dangerous. If you plan on driving, always keep your focus on the road.

Practice Defense Driving

Remember that accidents can happen anywhere, even in your neighborhood. It is easy to feel more comfortable about trick-or-treating close to home but keep your eyes open and your mind focused.

In some ways, knowing the area can give drivers a false sense of security. It lulls people into thinking that a car accident is unlikely and that nothing can go wrong. However, many car accidents happen close to home, so it is important to always be on alert, no matter your location.

How can Pedestrians Have a Safe Halloween?

While some parents will be driving trick-or-treaters from neighborhood to neighborhood, many parents will be supervising out on the road. Since children may not fully understand road safety, especially on Halloween night, there are a few steps parents can do to help keep them safe, such as:

  • Pick the right costume if you plan on trick-or-treating at night. Make sure the costume has reflective accessories, or you can wear a glowstick. Even neon reflective tape can make a difference. Light-up necklaces, wristbands, and anklets should be used if your costume is dark colored. It is best if you wear a light or bright costume. Darkness comes quick in October, and a black outfit can make you hard to see.
  • Make sure you bring a flashlight. Children may not be able to carry a flashlight because some costumes can make that almost impossible. Also, children will be distracted, and they will likely not want to carry a flashlight. However, you should have a good flashlight for trick-or-treating events.
  • Travel with friends or family. Travel with another parent or other loved ones. It is best to travel in a group.
  • Do not drink. Even if you are not driving, alcohol slows your reaction time, and you want to be able to react quickly if something goes wrong. You also need to focus on the children in your group, so it is important to remain sober the entire night out.

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