Why can Driving be Dangerous in Fall?

fall driving

With the fall season quickly approaching, we will soon start to get autumn weather, with crisp, foggy mornings and more rain. Along with the fall weather comes more car accidents.

There are some safety tips to keep in mind this autumn. Fall is a favorite season for many people, but everyone should be aware of autumn driving hazards. Listed below are ways you can stay safe while driving in fall.

Unpredictable Weather

Drivers need to be more prepared for unpredictable weather in the fall. Although it is not winter yet, fall weather can still be dangerous if drivers are not careful. Drivers will face more rain and slick roads. In the mornings and evenings, there is a higher chance of significant fog that can cause serious accidents.

If you are driving through foggy conditions, use your low beam lights. Also, drivers should be aware of the first frosts of the season, which can make roads extremely slippery, especially if it rained recently.

Later on in fall, there is a chance of light snow or ice, which can make roads dangerous if people do not drive according to the weather conditions. In order to be safe, make sure that your tire pressure is at the appropriate level. This will increase driving traction on slippery roads.

Slippery Leaves

One of the dangers of the fall season that many people do not think about is driving over leaves that have accumulated on the roadway. The hobby of leaf peeping during the fall season can be a fun experience. However, leaves on the roadway are especially dangerous after rain, when they are matted, wet, and slippery. This condition is a danger to any kind of vehicle, but it is especially dangerous for motorcycles who could easily spill their bike going around a curve covered with wet leaves.

Sun Glare

There can be more sun glare during the fall season, which can cause a severe car accident if the driver cannot see. Do not forget that you have a sun visor in the car. Use it when it is necessary. Also, always keep an extra pair of sunglasses in the car for these circumstances.

Wildlife Activity

In the fall months, wildlife will be on the move, especially whitetail deer. Hitting an adult deer with your car can cause significant damage to the vehicle, and it can cause serious injuries. Drivers need to be extra vigilant, especially in the morning hours and evening hours along country and secluded roads. However, wildlife can be in suburban areas as well.

Students and School Buses

Now that school is back in session, children will be out and about in the morning and afternoon. Be wary of students around school bus stops, and always drive the reduced speed limit when the school zone lights are flashing. Also, be aware of students walking on crosswalks and monitors stopping traffic. Not all crosswalks have monitors.

When it comes to school buses, you should know your state’s passing laws. If a bus’s lights are flashing, do not pass the vehicle, and stop if you are going the opposite direction. Many children are injured in and around bus stops every year in Pennsylvania.

Shorter Days

Many people have difficulty driving at night due to vision issues. People need to know when the clocks turn back and it starts to get darker. Dusk is sometimes the hardest time of the day to see people on the road. If you are driving during dusk, keep a sharp lookout for pedestrians walking on the side of the road. Keep a lookout for children playing on the street as well.

As some people get older, driving at night becomes more difficult, given the glare from oncoming headlights and the glare off of road signs. You could have perfect eyesight and still have issues with nighttime driving. However, there are ways to combat this issue. Speak to your eye doctor, and they can suggest several options to help.

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There are many driving dangers in fall, and it is important to learn about them in order to prevent a car accident. However, even if you drive safely, you cannot guarantee other motorists will follow the rules of the road. If you have been seriously injured in a car accident, it is important to speak to a lawyer about your legal options. Our Kensington car accident lawyers at Wiggins Law, LLC can help you with your case. For more information and to schedule a free consultation, complete our online form or call us at 267-225-0770. We are conveniently located in Northeast Philadelphia, and we proudly serve clients throughout the Philadelphia area, including Kensington, Tacony, Torresdale, Mayfair, Port Richmond, Allegheny, and Olney, Pennsylvania.